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About IEM

IEM is a company with more than five decades of experience in providing solutions to the Indian Graphic Art Industry.We provide Sales and Support with the ideally configured Solutions after understanding the needs of the customer thereby ensuring a successful formula.

IEM's head office is based in Bangalore with branch offices spread across the country in Mumbai,Delhi, Kolkata & Chennai.

The Indian Graphic Arts Industry knows IEM. Most of them have probably done business with us.Our customers have experienced a benchmarked quality of service and enjoyed cutting edge of printing technology which IEM has bought to India.Over the years the company has remained at the top of the industry, with several firsts to its credit. For instance, IEM installed India's first four color-colour offset press at Nagpur,and from 1964 to 1989, the Company was consistently the country's top importer of graphic arts machinery.Since 1991,liberalization has enabled the country's printing industry to really grow and taking advantage of this IEM has surpassed its own targets and expectations of growth,by bringing top qualityandcompetitive products to its customers.

Thus enabling IEM to become a household name in the printing industry as a leading solutions provider.

Sales Focus

IEM focuses on providing solutions to the printing industry. It is the mission of the sales team to provide optimal solutions that best cater to a customer's requirements.This ensures that customers are equipped with the latest in technology thereby enabling them to be an efficient and competitive player in theirmarket fornow&the future. provider.

Personnel Focus

There are many reasons why IEM is one of the leading providers of printing solutions in the country, but the most important we believe, is the company's main asset its,dedicated manpower at all levels. IEM's Managing Director, Mr. Surendra Bhandari with 4 decades of experience in the industry, enjoys good relations with the country's topmost printers. He took over the reins of the company in 1991 when the industry had touched rock bottom and built IEM into a very successful company in its field. His business acumen,his thorough knowledge of the industry,understanding of the technology and his friendlymanner,have made him an industry leader. Mr.Bhandari is backed by Jt.Managing Director, Mr.Sidharth Bhandari and a expert team of managers, technicians and support staff. IEM's technicians are the best in the field, having been trained at various principals. This results in a strong sales and service force that responds quickly and efficiently to all customers needs adapting well to change. provider.

Customer Focus

Today after 57 years in the field, IEM can proudly look back at a long list of satisfied customers, with whomwecontinue to grow.


IEM is committed to customers from day one. We value our relationships with all our customers,principals and allwhowe deal with.We believe in creating value and working towards a common goal with our customers to ensure satisfaction and mutual growth.TRUST & FAITH are very important to us.Our belief is to partner our customers.We firmly believe thatwe must serve thosewhoput their faithandconfidence in IEM.